Thursday, February 3, 2011


1. Kanpur's No. 1 Management Training Institute that offers you a Real Practical Education.
2. Relevant & intellectually stimulating training programs.
3. IIMS teach you - "How To be The Best At Every Job!".
4. "Center of Swap Dreams" - Only IIMS can transform your dreams into reality.
5. Develop managerial abilities with decision - making games.
6. Enhance your inner skills like presence of mind, creativity, observation & analyzing power.
7. Everybody can speak. We will teach you to do this skillfully.
8. Importation of Job specific skills & knowledge, immediately enhancing job performance.
9. Sharing & Learning from Real Life Experiences.
10. Develop all-round personalities with a mature outlook to function effectively in different circumstances.
11. Our programs guarantee to transform a normal average student to an expert officer or manager for a lifetime.
12. Quality practical training delivered with high interactive approach.
13. SWOT analysis for each Learner.
14. Earn & Learn together.
15. No Hidden Cost.
16. And many more...

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